Oesophageal and Gastric Cancer Awareness Campaign


Why Raise Awareness of Oesophageal and Gastric Cancer? Just facts

Oesophageal and Gastric Cancer are the fifth commonest cause of cancer deaths in the UK.  Yet many people do not know what or where the oesophagus (gullet or food pipe) is, or the difference between their stomach and their belly/tummy.


One of the problems of these cancers is that patients often present late in their clinical course and are not able to be offered a chance of cure.

The Northern Region of England together with Scotland have the highest incidences of these cancers in Europe.

The Northern Oesophago Gastric Unit was developed to treat patients with these cancers and has developed an internationally recognised expertise.

Having targeted local GPs, we felt it was time to target the general public with a campaign to raise awareness of these cancers and symptoms associated with them. This is so that patients will present to their GPs earlier in their clinical course.


The 'Oesophagoose' annual awareness campaign is now into it's 5th year.

What Symptoms Should Trigger a Visit to your GP?

Early symptoms flyer



Check Out The Oesophagoose

Fundraising Events

Sunday 15th September 2013: Great North Run http://www.oesophagoose.org/runforus.htm

Please see the Run For Us page for more details.  Look out for the Goose at the Charity tent after the finish. Good luck to all the runners taking part!!

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